How To Stop Someone From Tapping Your Cell Phone


In this article, I’m going to show you how to stop someone from tapping your cell phone. But before then, I’m going to show you various ways someone can easily track your phone call conversations.

Do you know that it’s possible for someone to track your phone call conversations? in fact, it’s as simple as reciting ABC. One can accomplish that simply by injecting the tracking code on your phone.

We discussed that in our previous article where I revealed the code that allows you to listen to someone’s call. However, I’ve decided to show you guys how you can disable the code on your phone so that no one would be able to listen to your phone call discussions again.

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Are you making use of any mobile phone? if yes, it simply means that it’s just easier to hack. Smartphone hacking has become prevalent in the mobile technology age. upon that, most people have refused to take their smartphone safety seriously, until they become a victim of cybercrime of course.

Can Someone Listen To My Phone Call Conversations?

It’s possible and very simple for an intruder to hack into your cell phone and monitor all your phone call conversations. However, you can also prevent this kind of incident from happening.

There are several reasons for you to be very scared of cell phone spying. For example, if you mistakenly connect your phone to a compromised public Wi-Fi while making phone calls, it will be very easy for invaders to hack into your cell phone and tape your phone call conversations.

A cyber-stalker could inject malware in your mobile phone to track your GPS, read your messages, and monitor your phone calls. However, the person grieving from the consequences of cell phone spying is only you.

Before I show you how to stop someone from tapping your cell phone. I would, first of all, answer some related questions on the same topic.

How To Know That Someone Is Tapping your Cell Phone

There are various ways to determine if someone is actually tapping your phone call. There are,

  • Unnecessary call redirect.
  • Unnecessary noise during the call.
  • Getting calls from unknown numbers.

How To Stop Someone From Tapping Your Cell Phone

Have you finally discovered that someone is listening to your phone calls and your phone is redirecting to another number? if yes, then follow the steps below to turn off the call tape on your phone.

  • Turn on your phone.
  • Open your phone call dialler.
  • Now go ahead and dial ##61# or ##21# 

In this way, you’ve successfully disabled the call tapping on your cell phone and no one aside you will be able to listen to your calls anymore.

Hence, there are many other security measures that every smartphone user is expected to take, this will prevent intruders from spying on their phones and also prevent them from monitoring your phone call conversations.

1. Don’t Hand Over Your Phone To An Unknown Person

Like I said earlier, hacking your phone is very easy and one of the security measures you are expected to take is to stop lending your phone to people unless is someone you trust. Do you know why? if the person you handed your phone is an invader or a hacker, they can easily inject a code ( **06*NO#) on your phone. In this way, they will start listening to your phone call discussions.

2. Don’t Connect To A Compromised Wi-Fi Or Bluetooth

If at all you want to take your mobile phone security very seriously, then you should not connect to a compromised or an unknown Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. An intruder can get rid of your mobile phone through that technique.

3. Install Anti-spyware Software On Your Device

Every smartphone owner is supposed to have an Anti-virus app installed on their device. This would help to block invaders and hackers from spying and penetrating your phone. There are many free and paid anti-spyware software on the internet, you can head to Google play store or Apple store and download any good one for your device.


Now you’ve seen how to stop someone from tapping your cell phone. However, if problems with tapping your cell phone persist, just contact your mobile service provider and they would tell you the best thing to do.

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