How To Set Up An Apple Watch Without iPhone


Learn how to set up an Apple Watch without iPhone to enable you to connect it anytime your Apple iPhone is not with you. It is very possible to pair your Apple watch without your Apple iPhone, It is not a trick or anything, a lot of have learned how to connect it through the help of this blog.

Have you been in a situation whereby you have your Apple watch but you don’t have an Apple phone nearby to connect it and there is nobody to borrow from? is very frustrating and I wouldn’t pray for you to be in that kind of situation. But if you are in the situation already, then you have nothing to be scared of because all the necessary information you need to set up your Apple Watch without iPhone is on this helpful blog.

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Can I Use An Apple Watch Without An iPhone

Do you know that the Apple Watch is the best smartphone wristwatch at the moment? yes, and it shouldn’t cause an argument. But the sad thing about the awesome watch is that it is made for only iPhone users, that means android users can not pair the Apple watch their phone.

Hey, kindly note that it is very possible to set up an Apple Watch without iPhone nearby. All the information you need to do that is in this article, so all you have to do now is to scroll gently and read to avoid skipping any important information.

What Can I Do With No iPhone And No Internet On Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is not extremely useless when you do not have any iPhone to set it up or no internet connection to use it. At least they are a few things that you can still do with it.

  • You can use downloaded audio content on the Apple Watch.
  • You can also make use of photos and other content synced from your iPhone.
  • You can access the Apple Pay without your iPhone nearby or no internet connection.
  • Time-related stuff like alarms and the stopwatch (obviously!)
  • Health apps for heart rate, activity, etc.

What Can I Do With No iPhone But With An Internet Connection On Apple Watch?

Do you have an Apple watch but you do not have an iPhone to set it up, but luckily, you ave an internet connection? if the answer is yes then you are kind of good to go. Below are some few things that you can do with it:

  • You can make use of “Siri”.
  • You can make “Voice-over-IP calls” with it.
  • You can access iMessage.
  • You can also make use of Internet-based audio apps.
  • You can make use of any apps that need an internet connection on the Apple watch.

How To Set Up An Apple Watch Without iPhone

Unfortunately, it is not possible to fully make use of Apple watch without it being connected to any iPhone device. Recall when I say Apple is very strict with all their gadgets, android or any other smartphone users cannot make use of the Apple watch, it is meant for iPhone users only. The Apple Watch is manufactured with 4G connectivity will need at least an iPhone 6 to make use of it. 

Can I set Up An Apple Watch With A Borrowed iPhone?

It is not advisable to set up an Apple Watch with an iPhone that doesn’t belong to you unless you log inside their phone with your personal Apple ID for setup, you will get the phone owner’s texts, calls, app notifications, etc if you are within range of the phone or the watch is on a WiFi network.

How To Pair Apple Watch To An iPhone

Now let us assume you have iPhone, below is how to set your Apple Watch with your iPhone nearby. However, if you do not have an iPhone device but you have an Apple watch, kindly purchase an iPhone so that you would be able to make use of it fully.

  1. Place your Apple Watch on your wrist. Arrange the band so your Apple Watch matches closely and conveniently on your wrist. Apple Watch. To switch on your Apple Watch, press and hold the side button until you see the Apple logo.
  2. Bring your iPhone close to your Apple Watch, wait for the Apple Watch pairing screen to arrive on your iPhone, then hit Continue. Or open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then tap Pair New Watch.
  3. When indicated, place your iPhone so that your Apple Watch appears in the viewfinder in the Apple Watch app. This pairs the two devices.
  4. Tap Set Up Apple Watch. Follow the directions on your iPhone and Apple Watch to finish the setup.

In case you are looking for how to set up an Apple Watch without iPhone, kindly note that it is not possible to connect the Apple watch to a non Apple device. It is not advisable also to use borrowed iPhone.

How Can I Use An Apple Watch As A Simple Watch Without An iPhone?

Do you know that it is very possible to use the Apple watch as a simple wristwatch unlike other wristwatches out there? yes, of course, all you have to do is to place it on your wristy and start walking around with it. Funny!

how to set up an Apple Watch without iPhone

That’s all guys if you have further questions please do not hesitate to drop them on the comment section. Have a nice day!

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