How To Prevent The Police From Tracking Your Phone


This article is going to teach you how to prevent the police from tracking your phone. Hence, make sure you read carefully and adhere to all the instructions on this article.

HEY, you have to be very careful so that your phone will not put you in trouble. Mind the kind of illegal things you do with your smartphone because the police might be tracking your phone without your knowledge, Though that’s by the way. This article is going to give you many helpful insights on how you can prevent your parents or the police from tracking your mobile phone.

Guess what? I’m also going to show you some top-notch third-party security apps that help secure your phone fro hackers and also prevent the police or your parents from tracking your phone.

With the rapid growth in technological advancements, they are apps or software that hackers use to track people’s locations, invade their privacy, read their text messages, and steal their personal data without their permission. This has become one of the major problems in the technology ear because many people don’t take their mobile security seriously.

How Do Police Track Cell Phones?

Before I proceed and show you how to prevent the police from tracking your phone, ill first of all show you the steps the police uses to track peoples phone.

  • Phone call.
  • GPS location.
  • Phone number.
  • Triangulation.
  • Using Network parameters.
  • WI-FI connection.
  • Social media.
  • Phone browser.
  • Using some passive devices.
  • ETC

Cell phone users who really want to know how their phones can be tracked by the police must first understand how phones allow mobility. Tracking of phones is not really hard as we all think when you have all the tools needed for the tracking, however, they are some things you can do to prevent your phone from being tracked.

How To Prevent The Police From Tracking Your Phone

They are several ways of stopping the police from tracking your phone. Read below and adhere to all the instructions.

Limit Ad Tracking

All the android and iOS devices have an inbuilt option to limit ad tracking. However, this will not completely stop some companies, for example, Google from tracking your phone. Hence, it will help reduce some suspicious activities on your phone and also prevent hackers and unknown IP from tracking your phone. Follow the below steps to turn off ad tracking on your phone.

  • Go to your Android Settings.
  • Tap Google.
  • Ads.
  • Toggle “Opt out of Ads Personalization”.

That is all, hence, you can reset your gadget’s advertising ID on this page.

  • Go to your iPhone Settings tab.
  • Tap Privacy.
  • Scroll down a little bit and tap Advertising.
  • Toggle “Limit Ad Tracking”.

Apple also gives you the option to reset your Advertising Identifier in this section to unlink any previous data associated with your ID.

Tweak Your Phone’s Location Settings

One of the common ways the police can use to track your phone is through your phone location settings. All android and iOS devices have inbuilt GPS features that can be used to know a current location, however, it can also be used to track people’s phones. Follow the steps below to disable your phone location.

  • Open your phone Settings.
  • Go to Privacy
  • Toggle the GPS Radio to turn it off.

Are you an iPhone or iPad user? if yes then follow the steps below to disable the GPS radio and prevent someone from reading your text messages.

  • Open your iPhone and locate the Settings tab.
  • Tap Privacy, from there.
  • Select Location Services.
  • Toggle the GPS Radio to turn it off

Turn Off Your WI-FI

HEY, It’s not advisable to connect to any public WI-FI that you come across, do you know why? each time you connect to any WI-FI, you’ve automatically given them permission and they can see your current location, invade your privacy, or even steal your personal data.

Use Secured Browser

Do you want to totally stop the police, parents, or companies from tracking your phone? if yes, then you have to be very careful of the kind browser you use on your phone. For example chrome. Chrome is a good and recommended smartphone browser but it’s not advisable to use when you want to stop your phone from being tracked, do you know why? because the browser tracks you and steals your data without your permission, even if you are using the incognito tab.

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Now you’ve seen how to prevent the police from tracking your phone, do not forget to drop your questions in the comment box.

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