Secret Code To Listen To Another Person Call 2021 – How To Tap Someone’s call

code to listen to another person call

Have you seen the code to listen to another person call? if no, this article is going to show you how you can use a two-digit code to monitor someone’s phone call. Hence, endeavor to read carefully.

Are you wondering if it is really possible to listen to someone’s call with your phone? if yes, We are in the technology age where everything is possible to do.
You don’t have to pay a dime before you can start listening to other people’s calls with your phone. It is totally free so all you have to do is to read and adhere to all the instructions on this post.

With this magic code, you can monitor your wife/husband, your girlfriend/boyfriend, your boss, or anybody that you want to monitor his/her phone call.

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Are you suspecting your partner of having an affair with someone else and you seriously want to confirm how often they talk on the phone call without his/her awareness? if yes, then you are very fortunate to be on this informative post. Today I’m going to show you the code to listen to another person call without his/her consent. I’m using this code to monitor the five of my girlfriends lol.

Can I Listen To Someone’s Cell Phone Conversation?

Are you wondering if you can really listen to someone’s cell phone call wit your phone? if yes, then it is absolutely possible and easy to listen to someone’s call using a secret shortcode that will be shared in this article.

Code To Listen To Another Person Call

Do you want to start tracking someone’s call? if the answer is ayes then the code to listen to someone’s call is  **06*NO#, below is how to activate it:

  • First of all, you are required to take the person’s phone when he or she is not around or seeing you.
  • Now dial this code in the person’s phone **06* followed by your own number# eg **06*08069999999#
  • After dialing the above code successfully, now whenever the person receives a phone call, your phone will also ring and when you answer, you will be able to listen to their conversation.

Please, make sure your phone and the victim’s phone have airtime. Also, if it did not work for you, add your country code and try again, or chat me up on WhatsApp and purchase the premium API code for monitoring people’s calls. +2347065160756 or tap here

Techrul Spy App

Techrul Spy App is a message intercepting app that, once installed on the phone, begins to use capture data without having direct access to the device.

TSA is a top-quality spying app designed to be used secretly on an unsuspecting user’s phone and in capturing other data, calls, text messages, live-location, and as well as other apps on the phone.

TSA is a top-quality spying app intended to be used furtively on a clueless user’s phone and in capturing other data, calls, text messages, live-location, etc. be assured of protection as the target cannot discover the app.

A huge lift to this application is that you don’t have to root the targeted phone, as it works with all phones with no issues.

What Does The Spy App Do?

Monitor Installed Apps

The spy app will allow you to view installed applications, installation history, versions and monitor the frequency of usage on the targeted device.

Track Device Location

An extremely effective GPS tracker can be handily used by anyone. The app allows you to keep an eye on current locations, however, you will also be able to track previous routes traveled so you can check where the person likes to go.

Monitor Social Media Chat

Techrul spy is a powerful spy app for iPhonewhich can be used to read your spouse IM chats and find out what is being discussed and who it is being discussed with. Everything is done remotely, which means you don’t need to get physical access to the target phone. The app also allows you to read their Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and WhatsApp chats.

Monitor Phone Calls

Techrul spy app also allows you to retrieve the call log history to see whom the target phone has been talking to, block unwanted calls and enroll them to the blacklist using the call blocker, and much more. You get the whole access to the calling data

Free Mobile Viewer

Free mobile app for iPhone or Android that allows you to access your monitored data on the go.

Monitor Internet Usage

This function will help you to spy on web browsing history and check bookmarks to see which sites are more frequently visited by the person. You can even block undesirable sites from being accessed on the Android phone using the app blocking option.

Manage Media

Spy on the pictures saved in the gallery section of the Android phone and of course incoming or outgoing pictures/screenshots sent via SMS or a chat app. Even if the photos have been deleted, you can still retrieve and check them to evaluate how appropriate those images are. The
feature perfectly suits parents concerned about the trend of so-called ‘sexting’ photos.

How Purchase The Techrul Spy App

Unfortunately, the app is not available for free download. You can only get the app after a one-time payment of $210.

  • Tap HERE to make payment with your card.
  • Make sure you enter the correct email address because that’s what we are going to use and contact you.
  • Enter your card details on the next page and complete the one-time payment.
  • Alternatively, use the details below to contact us.

After making the payment, you need to check your inbox after some minutes for the welcome email. It takes a little time in most cases though but do not panic, we are always active to assist you. Ensure you check both Inbox and Spam folders. The welcome email contains the link to your own Control Panel and Login details. Simply follow the link and login to your Control Panel, where you will find installation procedures. It will walk you through the installation process and help to sync up the new device.

Alternatively, you can contact the developer below.

  • Email:
  • Or contact us directly on WhatsApp by tapping  HERE.

How To Stop Monitoring Someone’s call

Are you tired of monitoring your partner’s call? if yes then follow the below steps to cancel it:

  • Pick the person’s phone
  • Then  ##002#
  • That’s all

NOTE: This code doesn’t work on all phones and please you are advised to have credit on your phone before dialing the code.

How Can I Listen To My Husbands Cell Phone Conversations

Are you suspecting your husband of having an affair with another lady and you seriously want to know how often they talk on the phone? if yes, the best way to find out is to install this shortcode on his phone and you are good to go. After installing it, anytime his phone rings, your own will ring as well and you will start hearing their discussion immediately he picks it.

  • Just dial **06* followed by your own number# eg **06*08069999999# on your husband’s phone and you will start listening to his conversations with your phone anytime he is on call.

How To Record Another Person Call

Now that you’ve successfully activated the code to listen to another person call on your partner’s phone, the next thing is to start listening and also record his/her call with people. To record another person call just put the phone on record anytime the phone ring.

How To Listen To Your Girlfriend Calls

Are you suspecting your girlfriend of having an affair with another guy and you seriously want to know how often they talk on the phone? if yes, the best way to find out is to install this shortcode on her phone and you are good to go. After installing it, anytime her phone rings, your own will ring as well no matter the distance and you will start hearing their discussion immediately she picks it.

NOTE– Distance can not stop this trick from working perfectly as said in this post. Just read this post very well and follow the instruction on this post to install the code and that is all. The code to listen to another person call is **06* followed by your own number#.

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          1. I have tried all the options given, all I see is “connection problem or invalid MMI code. What do I do next

          2. How do you stop the calls from the partners phone coming to your phone when you no longer wish to hear the calls?

        1. I need a very active code that’s valid to be monitoring my fiancee cell anytime she’s on call both her mom together also.

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      1. How can know when my phone rings if it’s my direct call or call forwarded from my wife’s phone? Any indication on my phone?

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  4. like e.g if it’s my other line
    I’ll type like this
    **06*08140660273# on the fone I want to track it with abi

    does it require country code

      1. pls dear…I’m still perplexed on this but…

        now I have two sim

        now I used 2348140660273

        as **06*+2348140660273#
        hope it’s like this

        now I used my friends phone to call it it’s doesn’t ring on 09063639552

  5. I have fun with, lead to I found just what I was having a look for.
    You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day.

      1. will there be a pop on the screen
        that call forwarding has been activated..
        cos I’m using small itel phone and Samsung small Android tab..

        I’ve tried it but not ringing on the phone I used number to activate it to the phone on track

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          1. Bro is not working in ghana here when I dial it it says unfinished that’s all bro help me or unknown application

  8. I’ve tried this on my two phones but it’s not working is like it support network… I guess…

    it keeps telling me unfinished
    but it’s cool

  9. I’ve tried doing this using my girlfriend’s phone but I keep getting “unfinished” Can I put her SIM card into another phone? Maybe, if it’s successful I can move back her SIM card to her phone

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      1. Hi there – can you post an example of using a US phone # please? Would the below example be the correct way to ue for a US #?

        Please Advise Thank!
        Thank you! C

  11. Does it work even in Uganda? I tried it but it keeps on requesting! And does it require credit on his phone??? Then I need to put the country code like this +256?? Help me

  12. hi i have try using like this **06*0716197805# bt still fail to respond,even when i try in this way **06*254716195805# it also fail, what is the problem

  13. Bro i am very happy with you but we students we want know how to use data free to gogle our answer in anytime and chat with our father and our friend that we leave in our town so we want know does code please

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  15. Please Sir, I always pick the call first before my spouse picks on the other end, and if I pick, the call will just end without me hearing their conversation.

    What do I do, how do I know it’s not my direct call so that I will not pick it first.

  16. It seems very easy to set up. I’ve not tried and have no one I’d want to follow, but it’s good to know, say, for kid’s phones, to make certain they aren’t getting into trouble.

  17. Will it be possible to listing my girlfriend phone call with out touching her phone?? Because we might be a far from our each other

  18. Helo i tried wthout country code & it saying “unknown application” but when i tried to cancel, it said ” setting cancelled” does it mean that it was installed successesiful? Plz help me

  19. How can I spy someone’s WhatsApp message and her call also
    Contact me on this what’sapp line for more information please I need your help biko 09031641177

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